Sickly Sweet Sister-ology

I feel like crap and nearly cancelled today’s plans with my older sister.  I saved up so I could enjoy it and decided that, even sick, a day with Marlene would be worth it.  I’m glad I did, though am exhausted and ready to drop right to sleep.

We met up at Starbucks.  While we adore other coffee shops more, Starbucks is convenient and cozy to start a day trip.  She was late ( *grin* ), so I sipped my tall soy white chocolate peppermint mocha w/whip and read my favorite book, Pencil Dancing by Mari Messer.


Creative space achieved.

We visited the new Red Hen Fabrics location, ooh’d and aah’d over the fabric lines and gathered information on the local sewing guilds.  They have long arm quilter machines.  A lesson is $50; you can rent time on one to give your quilt a really nice finish.  I will definitely keep that in mind.  I enjoy making quilt tops, but have a hard time hand quilting the finished product.

We popped to The Red Eyed Mule, a small red building with very little outside presence.  Marlene had heard about it.  We love to try new places each time we adventure together.  It had a red truck outside that let everybody know it was mentioned on The Food Network.  The inside was small and crowded.  I was a little turned off by the crammed-in feel until we got a touch further in and realized the place was spotless, the people were laughing, the staff was smiling and the menu we were handed was laminated, short and full of yummy-sounding foodstuffs.


Yes, she eats her onion rings with ketchup… o_O (Note: this is a no weird-food-habit-shaming blog.)

Marlene and I ordered the same burger and shared an order of onion rings.  There was no room inside, so we took one of the two tables out front.  It was nice and breezy outside which almost made up for the regular interruption of our conversation by big trucks thundering down the highway beside us.  Why were there always two in a row?  It was weird.

So unexpectedly yummy!

So unexpectedly yummy!

The burger was big and odd.  It had a well-done patty, buttered Texas toast, a layer of cheese, rich sloppy joe, mayo, ketchup, mustard, lettuce, tomato and pickle.  Marlene and I agreed we’d never have deliberately ordered it that way, but it was just about perfect in every bite.  It should’ve been a nasty mess and instead was great.  I definitely recommend their food.

My only WTF was when I asked the server if they had a bathroom.  She said, “Of course we have a bathroom inside,” and then just walked off.  I went to discover where this bathroom was hidden.  It was occupied when I arrived; so I waited awhile.  When that door opened, the server popped out of it.  She apologized for racing me to the bathroom.  She didn’t know how long I’d be so hurried to beat me to it.  That was just irritating.

We hit Marietta Square, exploring different fun shops like LimeLight and Rubber Stamp Fantasy, but hit a jackpot in Vintage-ology.  Since it’s an antique store, I expected it to be dark.  Instead it was bright.  I immediately analyzed the decor to figure out why everything seemed to be flattered by the bright store.  It’s the grey wall color.

Vintage-ology grey wall01

Less cluttered and fewer colors still look great against that grey.

Vintage-ology grey wall02

Not as cluttered as most antique stores, but still busy and looking great, bright and crisp against that grey wall paint.

It’s warm enough, cool enough, dark enough and light enough.  It’s the most perfect wall color shade I’ve ever seen.  It didn’t matter what color the item was, it looked good against that wall.  Marlene and I were so impressed, the owner went and got the paint can so we could see what color it was.

Vintage-ology greypaintowner

She was really sweet to get that can for us.

Vintage-ology greypaint

The perfect grey paint. It exists.

Our finale was the friendly, rich-smelling Cool Beans, my new favorite coffee shop.  It gets a huge cheer for the Almond Milk option instead of just soy and in-store roasting!  I got an almond milk chai tea.  Marlene got a wet mocha cappuccino and mmm’d with every sip.

Even if we had just sat down and chatted for awhile, it would’ve been a great day.  This adventure held many unexpected surprises.  Now to take another antibiotic and pass out.


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