Ink Garden Delivery: Fun Quality

I see a lot of promotions come across my Facebook feed due to all the deal pages to which I subscribe. This is one of my favorite deals to date.

Ink Garden lets you use both your photos, images and their clip art to create individual items. I made a placemat and notebook using the deal at that time. Join their FB page to see their latest deals. They have them all the time!

I decided to make something really special to me, especially since I didn’t know what quality level I was working with at the time of design.

The notebook would be all about me.


Talislyre and Mizerae are old nicknames. Pear is new, short for A. Pearbuckle.

It’s that shiny. I messed with the lighting for awhile. It’s oil-slick shiny and really thick.


This shows some of the clipart fun they offer.

There is nothing on that notebook that doesn’t mean something to me. I didn’t take pictures of the inside, since they’re private, but … you can decorate the inside of both the front and back covers, not just the outside – also with the same items (photos, images and clipart).

I knew I wanted the placemat in the kitchen so wanted something that would make me smile every morning. I had pictures of my niece and nephew from when they helped me in the garden that seemed perfect.


Lexi danced with the veggies one day. Lexi and Derek posed pretty (and pretty annoyed depending on the shot) on a different day with their prized tomatoes.

Overall, I’m very happy with this company and their products. I hope you get a chance to enjoy them too. 🙂


Both on my kitchen counter.


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