Exciting Doings: Paint and Kitty


The Kthonios Bridge To Pettingville

This morning, while getting Mr. Pearbuckle off to work, Kthonios was just bound and determined to get some pettins. There’s nothing but air below his belly. 🙂

He can be very stubborn and is willing to take a chance to get what he wants. I find him inspiring sometimes.

Other times, he’s just really pretty:


Kthonios In Tub with Soap


Kthonios In Tub

My brother (Jamie) gave me an army from Warhammer 40,000 for my birthday this past February. I love it so very much. It’s made up of Witch Hunters, mostly Sisters of Battle, and consists of both painted and unpainted miniatures.

Last night, Mr. Pearbuckle and I went to Jamie’s house to spend a few hours with Jamie and our friend, Jason (fun guy!) to paint our armies. One model can take hours to paint. I had two set aside I wanted painted nearly the same, so decided I’d do them at the same time. I knew I’d have to mix paints to get the copper I wanted. It’s easier to paint two miniatures the same the first time than re-mix the paint and deal with not getting the ratio perfect.

Here is one of the models. There are still a couple tiny touches I want to make to this one, but it’s more complete than the other.


Battle Sister with Flamer


Battle Sister with Flamer

I think she looks ready to hunt down some psyker enemies! 🙂


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