Costume Quilling

This week was incredibly hectic. I had it all planned out so I’d be ready for the party by Friday morning. Monday had me so sick I couldn’t do anything. The rest of the week was so busy I rushed to get things done.

It was all worth it.

Saturday was horribly cold, but beautiful and clear. I received one message after another regarding attendance at my party. My husband stressed each time, swearing if only three people showed up, we wouldn’t do it again. I couldn’t blame him. We’d put a lot of work into it, even with each setback. We’re very private people. It’s a big deal for us to open our home. We tend to only let in people we trust.

The middle of the day was Quilling Class with my sis, Marlene. I love spending time with her anyway, but have to admit it’s a lot more fun when our activity is that fascinating. Charlotte, our teacher, was sweet and clear in her instructions. She shared information freely.


Charlotte (Teacher) holding the chart of technique examples and paper types.


Closeup of Charlotte\’s chart to show flowers, which we\’ll learn to make at the next class.

The kit that came with the class was packed. I expected only the items necessary for the class projects. There are two more activities and a ton of supplies in the packet along with resource texts including tips, sources and techniques.


The bag has the projects and supplies. The bottle cap holds the glue. The corkboard is framed with masking tape.


Marlene (left) Me (right): The example chart we made in class as we learned each technique.


Marlene (left) Me (right): The poinsetta gift tag we made.


Marlene (left) Me (right): The precision project, a snowflake card, we made.

Marlene and I signed up for the Advanced Quilling Class coming up around Valentine’s Day.

My husband was hot in his super soldier costume. I was really impressed with the costumes. They took thought and a sense of humor. We had a sexy lady bug, a sassy buccaneer babe, a dirt devil, a gentleman serial killer, a ninja, a cracked madame and the hottest bartender around (Just ask the buccaneer babe. ::grin::), the dashing street entrepreneur.


My Super Hot Super Soldier.


The Sexy Lady Bug Photo Shoot … part one. ::grin::


The Sexy Lady Bug photoshoot part 2….


The dashing Street Entrepreneur granted an interview.


The Sassy Buccaneer Babe enjoys her hardwon fudgy popcorn booty while discussing the weather with the Gentleman Serial Killer.


Dirt Devil caught and exposed the Ninja!


The Sexy Ladybug vibing with the Dirt Devil.


The Confident Street Entrepreneur and the Sexy Lady Bug.

The food was mostly Tastefully Simple and delicious. If you don’t eat food from them, you’re really missing out. Claire Ragsdale is my hookup with them. She was too sick to make it to the party, but still deserves kudos for making some of the food and getting it to me anyway. She would’ve had so much fun … it’s really too bad she had to miss the oohing and aahing over the yummies. 🙂


Claire\’s Business Card and November\’s Deal for NON-online orders.


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