Today was one learning experience after another.


This morning, when I went outside to bring Lily back into the house, I couldn’t get near her. My neighbor’s two dogs had escaped into my yard and were growling at me.

I went next door, woke my neighbor and spent a good hour helping repair the fence. I kept hoping the sun would come up early so we could have some real light. That didn’t happen.

I’m so glad I went ahead and helped her: not just because I like her and hate that she’s been struggling with how to keep her dogs safe and contained, but also because the black one just doesn’t really like me bringing Lily inside. He will play with me any other time. When I go to bring Lily in, he growls hatefully at me from inside their fence. I’m much more comfortable knowing his ass is fenced where he can’t get to me.


I put my first cabinet hardware on today. It looks good! I’ll pop pics up when I get the kitchen finished.


I play City of Heroes with my husband. Tonight, we made a new set of characters. Mine is a concept character: a magically enhanced, prize-winning apricot avenging the death of her farmer at the hands of villains. I’m really proud of how she turned out.

I tested her battle cry many hours ago. It glitched into a server channel. So the entire Protector Vigilance channel was informed, “Your momma’s a crab apple!”

Nobody said anything at all. I thought since nobody had been posting much in the channel that it had slid by unnoticed. I was pink cheeked about it anyway, but relieved only my husband was laughing at me.

I was so wrong.

A discussion about how lucky different players were to have spouses also playing came up about 30 minutes ago. My husband mentioned that I play, listing the two characters most memorable to him at the moment: an out-of-the-closet soldier named Operative Pride and Apricot Ambush.

Everyone immediately knew to whom he was married. My name was stated with a ton of amusement. I was complimented on my apricot’s battle cry. My cheeks are only just now lightening up. Many, many people were watching the channel.

I’m very grateful for today. It’s always better to have interesting things happen than nothing at all. šŸ™‚


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