A Summer Snapshot

I took out the trash this morning before the sun was up. The act of cleansing my house is an important one to me. I used to see this chore as something I did until I could get back to my life. So much negativity and disgust is attached to the items inside a trash bag. That crazy kaleidoscope of energy inside when the bag is full can lead to a maelstrom of chaos and sickness above and beyond any health hazards from the actual biological breakdown and attracted insects involved.

I see “taking out the trash” as an incredible moment now to remove negative, stale thoughts and harsh emotions from the house. The gorgeous blue sky as the sun first peeks out and warm air adds a hint of mystique to the morning ritual.

What is up with the police car “alien stun raygun” sirens? I had no idea it was a cop until we both reached the stop sign. That noise has to have been patented by Lucas or Spielberg by this point. I wonder if they get paid every time one of our cops pops on the noise. 🙂

My very pregnant sister, Mary, has a truckload of doctor appointments this week. Today’s appointment finds me as her babysitter. I have Derek and Alexia for the week already. Mary dropped off her two daughters, Abagail and Isabella, to add to the chaos.

This is our last week with two kids in the house all the time. It’s been an adventure for us to go from just a couple with a cat to having an 8-year-old girl and a 3-year-old boy here. It’s been special. I’m grateful life afforded me the experiences I wouldn’t have had otherwise.

This was my first time with all four kids in my home. It was fun and unexpected. They played well together, except for the one toss-up that caused a table to overturn and water to get all over the floor. That was brief and quickly dealt with so didn’t cause much issue for me.

I had the sprinkler on in the backyard with Mary’s playhouse and some plastic bowls. Abby and Lexi played in it for most of the time Mary was gone. Ella and Derek were in and out, sometimes in the living room watching Barbie: Mermaidia on Lexi’s computer. Abby and Lexi were very imaginative, running scams and schemes that used water from the sprinkler as medicine, currency and plot points. I found it intriguing.


Derek explained Abby and Ella\’s roles inside the playhouse.


Ella wanted to play Drive-Thru and declared Derek as the Food-Maker.

The moment between Derek snapping at Ella about to whom a toy belongs and then offering to share his current favorite toy with her never ceases to amaze me. Alexia and Abagail decided they were hungry so picked my red tomatoes, rinsed them in the sprinkler water and ate as many as they could stomach.


Abagail helped Lexi make a costume for a new hero.

“Ella, watch this! Ella, watch this!”
“Derek, Spiderman’s on!”
“Spiderman’s a movie? And it’s on?”
“Me and you are watching Spiderman.”
“Yeah, just not Lexi or Abby.”


Chilling for Spider-Man 🙂

They came inside, dried and dressed. They wound down enough I put on a movie for them. They snuggled up on the futon to watch. Lexi was all about City of Heroes. She played until Jonathan came home from work and Mary arrived.


Lexi playing a Hero in Galaxy City.

We all tromped over to Betty’s house (Jonathan’s mom) where the kids met Dwayne (Jonathan’s brother’s child) and chattered away while we looked at her gorgeous yard and porch. Mary left and took her girls with her. We came home and began our evening ritual with Lexi playing City of Heroes with JC until time for dinner, me making dinner and Derek alternating between playing with cars, watching a movie and checking on what Lexi is doing.

It’s weird how it almost feels “back to normal” when this isn’t normal for us at all.


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