First Post!

Quite a few people have asked me to blog about my writing, cooking, life, etc. I didn’t really take it seriously until the other day when I came across an intriguing author. Her work made my brain wake up and take notice. I automatically rushed to Google to find A) her official site and B) … her BLOG! I wanted to know more about her mind and what happens to give her the insight to pen such insightful works.

Nothing. Nada. I was actually irritated and caught my thought, “It’s so irresponsible nowadays for an author not to have a blog for open communion between her mind, her peers and readers.” I just laughed after that since I didn’t have one either.

I decided in that moment to make one. So here it is: sanctified and ready to go. I reserve, since this is my first outing in this space, the right to publish anything and everything (that doesn’t violate the “fascinating terms of service”) rather than only one thing or another. This is an experiment.

Comment, scream, cry, laugh and request — whatever starts the lines of communication zinging about.


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