Hippie Loaf

Mr. Pearbuckle, Jamie (brother) and I went to the home of two of my favorite meat addicts to play. I tend to bring my own food or do a lot of coordinating when I eat out since the most common question I hear is, “So … what DO you eat?” I’ve learned bringing food can start some great conversations.

I didn’t actually eat this until today since we ate on the way and had fun snacks while there. It kept perfectly. I reheated it in the oven and it crisped right back up.

The original recipe is from Happy Herbivore at http://happyherbivore.com/2009/06/hippie-loaf-gluten-free.

I tried a lot of different loaves. Some just never stuck together, tasted weird and just looked strange. I was excited the moment I saw this recipe.


  • I used organic all-purpose whole wheat flour instead of rice flour.
  • I used dried shitake mushrooms reconstituted in soy milk for the generic mushrooms. They’re the only ones I actually like, though I’ll tolerate most types.
  • I used Bragg’s Liquid Aminos instead of soy sauce.

This is my favorite loaf recipe. I will use it from now on. I might add a bit more onion and Bragg’s next time. I didn’t use gravy. I used black bean and corn salsa, which can give as big a kick or not as you want. 🙂


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