Cranberry Crunch

I craved cranberries last week. I got a great deal on them so checked to see if anyone had anything new and interesting I could make. The Winter Holidays time period is a great time for pumpkin, cranberry and sweet potato recipes.

My favorite vegan food blog to read is The Blooming Platter. Betsy creates a rich tapestry with her dishes that always seems to beg for lacy tablecloths and servitors in white waiting on your whim.

She rescued my favorite dessert when she used coconut cream instead of sweetened condensed milk in recipes. Tofutti’s faux cream cheese and coconut cream allow my lactose-intolerant niece to have my mom’s Cherry Cream Cheese dessert with the adults.

The original recipe is at

Betsy’s Vegan Cranberry Crunch is on my kitchen island and tastes wonderful.


  • I used a 2 pound bag of cranberries. The recipe doesn’t specify a size.
  • I used natural, unbleached sea salt.
  • I used walnuts instead of pecans.

Tower o’ Brown Sugar surrounded by oats, etc … I could live there.


Next time, I might add nuts all through instead of separating from the bottom crust.


The cranberries stayed beautifully red instead of paling like some I’ve had in the past.


The finished Crunch on my island, pretty and waiting.


Did I use that big spoon to eat it? Yes … Yes, I did. It’s sweet with a touch of tart. 🙂


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