I began the process of many coats of Minwax Polycrylic Clear Satin sealant in between hours and hours of drying time.

Keyboard Painting

This is an image-intensive post. I wanted Korean-English stickers for my keyboard, but didn’t like the ones that were affordable and would be here in time for me to use for my Korean lessons. I painted my existing keyboard instead, using craft items I already owned. I didn’t want something that looked bought from a company. I wanted a fun, homemade look that would make me smile every time I sat down. You can easily paint your keyboard so it looks elegant and polished instead.

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Lotsa Produce

I ran to Kroger because it was 4:00 am when I realized I didn’t have enough lettuce for our lunches the rest of the week.

Kroger is the closest 24-hour grocery store and is 20 minutes away with no traffic.

I wish they were closer. I love the higher quality of the produce they sell over our local non-farmer market vendors.


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Sickly Sweet Sister-ology

I feel like crap and nearly cancelled today’s plans with my older sister.  I saved up so I could enjoy it and decided that, even sick, a day with Marlene would be worth it.  I’m glad I did, though am exhausted and ready to drop right to sleep.

We met up at Starbucks.  While we adore other coffee shops more, Starbucks is convenient and cozy to start a day trip.  She was late ( *grin* ), so I sipped my tall soy white chocolate peppermint mocha w/whip and read my favorite book, Pencil Dancing by Mari Messer.


Creative space achieved.

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A Truly Jarring Salad *wink*

Mr. Pearbuckle and I eat salads often. His time distribution at work has made assembling a salad for lunch too time consuming. We’ve tried many different methods to make it easier for him to eat a good, healthy salad without stress. This is the best method we’ve found so far: the “Salad-in-a-Jar”. I’ve included the sources we used when first finding and then researching this method. There is A LOT of wonderful information in them I don’t share here. This is just my latest experience with it.

Unsealed jars of chopped Romaine lettuce.

These jars are between a pint and quart in size. There’s only Romaine lettuce in them.

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Ink Garden Delivery: Fun Quality

I see a lot of promotions come across my Facebook feed due to all the deal pages to which I subscribe. This is one of my favorite deals to date.

Ink Garden lets you use both your photos, images and their clip art to create individual items. I made a placemat and notebook using the deal at that time. Join their FB page to see their latest deals. They have them all the time!

I decided to make something really special to me, especially since I didn’t know what quality level I was working with at the time of design.

The notebook would be all about me.


Talislyre and Mizerae are old nicknames. Pear is new, short for A. Pearbuckle.

It’s that shiny. I messed with the lighting for awhile. It’s oil-slick shiny and really thick.

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Eclipse of my Brain

There’s a good side to today … but it didn’t happen until after Friday morning was done.

Thursday evening was really hard for me. I spent the day waiting for my colleague to fulfill her financial obligations toward me so I could go to bed. She was aware that Friday was a full day for me, but didn’t care enough to even keep her phone turned on so we could complete our transaction, which takes less than five minutes. Instead of going to bed around 7:00 p.m. like I originally planned so that when I got up at 4:00 a.m. Friday I’d have a good run of sleep, I ended up not going to bed until 2:00 a.m. Friday morning for a quick nap before getting up at 4:00 a.m. anyway. It was stressful, stupid and completely avoidable. She swore it would never happen again. I believe her, but have definitely gained a harder skin with each exposure to this job.

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New Friends

A bit ago, I stopped trying to make friends in my neighborhood out of consideration for my family. It was a harsh situation.

When I got home from jail, I decided that while I wouldn’t seek out friends in my neighborhood, anyone who approached me was fair game. I have one friend here now. She talked to me first. Some things she does drive me up the wall. 🙂 She’s very sweet.

Our situation seems to be changing here. For a long time, everyone was very stilted around us. Now, everyone waves and smiles at us. A few have even begun stopping by when we’re in the yard to say hello.

Today, a young man came to me while I was mowing our lawn. He’d decided to put aside the fears our neighbors expressed about my religion (“If you piss her off, she might sick spirits on you with her witching.”) and get to know me. He was really nice.

He started the conversation about how cool it was I was using a mower that uses no electricity or gas and is good for the environment. He said that people around here think we’re really nice people, just keep to ourselves a lot. He said the fact that we’re so friendly when people talk to us actually confuses them. ::grin::

He’s very into video games and will probably approach Mr. Pearbuckle soon since they seem to have a lot in common, hobby-wise. He was very friendly and welcoming. It was a nice, completely unexpected moment in my day.